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If you have an open mind you will be able to see clearly. More importantly your heart will be free from the blindness that it has been infected with!

If you can find out the correct answer to the reason of your existence, i.e. why do we exist? How did I get here? What is our purpose here?

Then your entire outlook in life will be different and you'll soon know what it means to be a stranger in this world.

Western secular liberalism hasn't answered this question correctly and it imposes it on everyone and wants to impose it to everyone in the world regardless of there choice (can you see the irony?) No choice in saying no!

They have said that our reason of existence is to make the most of this world as there is no creator! Hence individualistic people who have no regard for elders or the young. If you have an open mind you can easily see the contradiction and lack of thought in this.

We are limited, weak and dependant and so is everything else that you can see, no?
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October 16, 2013


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